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Field Manager

Heritage Palms CDD

Community Field Services – Field Management Report Site Inspection on 3/09/20

1. Lake Management:

a. Lake Maintenance: Most of the lakes remain in good shape this month. Lake & Wetlands has
heavily treated most of the shoreline weeds, submerged weeds and algae issues mentioned below.
Below is the rating sheet for March 2020.

b. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Tests: Next readings will be taken in August 2020.

c. Littoral Plants:

i. Lake & Wetlands is currently in the process of killing off any spike rush exceeding 10 feet in
width. The lakes below are the ones being sprayed back and will then be removed by the mechanical

ii. Healthy hybrid canna and bacapa was growing randomly throughout the community.

iii. The next annual cutting of the hybrid cannas will be in December 2020.

d. Shoreline Weeds: Weeds observed this month included:

i. Torpedo Grass in Lakes: 12, 26, 28, 30 & Canal C-7. Very low to Low presence. Heavy treatments

ii. Alligator weed in Lakes: 10, L-11 & L-14. Low presence.

iii. Spatterdock in Lakes: L-1. Low presence.

iv. Salvinia in Lakes: 4, 6, 7, 10, L-2 & L-3. Low presence / Heavy treatments observed.

e. Submerged Weeds: Chara in Lakes: 14 & L-1. Low presence. Naturally dying off due to lower
water levels.

f. Algae: Algae issues observed this month included the following:
i. Planktonic algae: None observed.

ii. Filamentous algae:

  1. Low density in Lakes: 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21, 33, L-3 &
    Canals C-7.
  2. Medium density in Lakes: 31.
  3. High density in Lakes: None.

Bio Block treatments help reduce the muck within the lakes that eventually leads to algae blooms.
The chart on the following page shows which lakes are being treated and the frequency. Lakes 10,
15, 33 had a low amount of algae present and Lake 14 had none this month.

g. Fish: No nuisance fish were observed this month.

h. Trash: We conducted the trash clean-up earlier this month and ended filling up 7 bags of trash
along with removing several large items from the north end of Lake

  1. Most of the items removed from inside the community included plastic bags, granola bar wrappers
    and styrofoam products such as cups and to-go boxes. The Board may want to consider having the
    trash removed on a quarterly basis.

i. Lake Aeration: The issues reported below will be reported to Solitude.

i. The semi-annual maintenance for the aerator systems is scheduled for February & August 2019.

ii. No boils were observed in Lake 1, so we inspected the cabinet and found that the compressor
had shut down due to overheating. The cooling fan inside the cabinet is no longer working which is
more than likely the cause. We’ve asked Solitude to further investigate.

j. Lake Fountains:

i. No concerns observed this month.

k. Shoreline Landscaping / Grass Clippings: No new concerns observed this month.

l. Bulkheads / Rip Rap: Weeds on the bulkhead and within the rip rap on Lakes 25 & 27 need to be
treated by Lake & Wetlands.

m. Lake Bank Erosion: Several existing washouts that were looked at this month have been upgraded
from a low priority to a medium priority. Locations included the following:

i. Lake 2: On the east end of the lake where the rip rap stops on the side of 8107 Queen Palm
Way. Additional filter fabric and rip rap is suggested.

ii. Lake 15: The washout on the side of the water control structure. Filling in the area with
compacted dirt and planting an additional fakahatchee grass is suggested.

iii. Lake L-4: New washout forming behind the geo filter tube. Filling in the area with compacted
fill and monitoring is suggested.

iv. Lake & Wetlands is scheduled to start the erosion repairs along Lakes 4 & 8 during the month
of April.

2. Preserves:

a. No concerns observed this month.

b. The next semi-annual maintenance event is anticipated for May 2020.

c. The semi-annual vegetation maintenance along the preserve fences is scheduled to be completed
in May 2020.

d. The annual vegetation maintenance along the perimeter fences is scheduled to be completed in
April 2020.

3. Roadways:

a. Asphalt: No concerns observed this month.

b. Signage / Landscaping:

i. One amber roadway marker was found missing on Seminole Palm Way at the entrance to the lodge.
We’ll replace it the next time we’re onsite.

c. Pavers: The CDD is currently in the process of having the pavers replaced & leveled along
Heritage Palms Blvd., Curry Palm Lane, in front of the clubhouse on Washingtonia Palm Way and on
King Palm Court. We’re working with the Club to determine which color paver to go with.

d. Curbing / Gutters: No concerns observed this month.

4. Sidewalks:

a. The trip hazard in front of 11052 Seminole Palm Lane was repaired by Conidaris Builders late
last month. This was the only location that couldn’t be grinded down due to the height difference.

b. The grey ADA mat that connects the clubhouse to the activities center is scheduled to be
changed to a yellow mat later this week. During this task we’ll also be painting sections of the
curbing roadway yellow.

5. CDD Perimeter Fences:

a. We were informed early this week by Greg Kriesch that the perimeter gate behind Lake L-1 was
found open. We went ahead and secured the gates closed with a heavy-duty lock and chain. The
combination for the lock was given to Greg and Dan Davis.

b. A cypress tree from outside the community has fallen onto the perimeter fence near the end of
Idlewild Street. The parcel that the tree came from possibly belongs to the City of Fort Myers.
We’ll reach out to the city and inform them of the incident.

c. North Fence Install Update: The neighboring community hasn’t started the installation yet.
We’ll continue to monitor this project.

d. Lake L-6 / Ranchette Rd: Later this week we plan to connect both gates with a cable instead of
trying to hammer down a post into the waterway. The cable system won’t allow the gates to swing
which should resolve the problem.

6. Storm Water Drainage System:

a. Overflow Weirs: No concerns observed this month. All weirs were properly functioning.

b. Catch Basins: No concerns observed with any of the catch basins this month.

c. Roadway Inlets: Several roadway inlets along Gator Palm Drive & Curry Palm Drive had dead oak
tree leaves accumulating around them. The leaves should be removed before they end up in the

d. Canals: No concerns observed this month.

e. Gutter Pans: No concerns observed this month.

f. Inter-Connect Pipes: No concerns observed this month.

g. Swales:

i. Wetland B: No concerns observed. Water is still slightly present within the swale.

ii. Lake 14 Overflow: No concerns observed.

h. Illicit Discharges: No issues observed.

i. Spill Prevention: No issues observed.

j. Maintenance Yard Inspection: No issues observed.

k. Drain Pipes / Culverts: No issues observed.

7. Non CDD Issues / Concerns Observed:

The streetlight just outside the maintenance debris yard was observed on again during the day. The photocell for the light might have to be replaced by FPL.

8. Residential Complaints / Concerns / Work Order Requests:

Below is the list of ongoing complaints / concerns / work order request for the past 3 months for FY 2020.

Reported Date: Notified By: IssueActionFollowup
12/17/2019 Joney KellyReported issue with aerator unit for Lake 24. System was over heating & is currently off.Put in a service call to Solitude on 12/17/19.Solitude replaced the cooling fan and capacitor.
1/16/2020 Mary RhodesHomeowner at 7942 Tiger Palm is concerned with high branches coming from the preserve that can potentially damage her pool cage.Inspected the tree on 1/21/20 and agree the several branches need to be trimmed back. A work order has been created to cut the branches back.Cut back completed.
2/18/2020 Joney KellyReported one of the air stations in Lake L-13 not fully functioning.Reported the issue to Solitude on 2/18/20 to adjust the valves next time a technician is onsite.Issue resolved.
2/21/2020 Joney Kelly Reported that an alligator was stuck in the tennis courts.Reported the issue to the trappers that same morning. #473725Gator removed.
2/27/2020 Nancy RogersReported a nuisance alligator in Lake 28.Reported the issue to the trappers on 2/28/20 & on 3/05/20. #473987

9. Fish/Wildlife Observations:

  • BASS – Not seen
  • EGRET – Seen
  • ANHINGA – Seen
  • WOODSTORK – Not seen
  • TURTLE – Seen
  • BREAM – Seen
  • HERON – Seen
  • CORMORANT – Seen
  • OTTER – Not seen
  • CATFISH – Not seen
  • COOT – Seen
  • OSPREY – Not seen
  • 5 ALLIGATORS – Seen
  • GAMBUSIA – Not seen
  • GALLINULES – Not seen
  • IBIS – Seen
  • SNAKES – Not seen
  • Other Species: DUCKS

10. Completed events in February / March:

a. Inform Lake & Wetlands of any lake management concerns. Completed on 2/11/20.

b. Inform Solitude of any aerator issues. Completed on 2/10/20.

11. Follow up & Upcoming event for March / April:

a. Inform Lake & Wetlands of any lake management concerns. Completed on 3/11/20.

b. Inform Solitude of any aerator issues. Completed on 3/10/20.

12. Maintenance Technician Task List:

a. 9/06/19: Cut back the willow trees and any other vegetation that is encroaching into the
canals this winter. Work order 1360 – task completed.

b. 2/10/20: Conduct a trash clean-up around all the lakes. Work order 1415 – task completed.

c. 2/10/20: Conduct annual lake bank cutting along the north side of Lake 30. Task completed.
Work order 1416 – task completed.

d. 2/10/20: Replace the ADA mat with a yellow one in front of the clubhouse on Washingtonia Palm
Way and paint the curbs next to it yellow. Paint the curbs on the opposite side of the roadway
yellow. Work order 1417 – task scheduled for 3/12/20.

e. 3/09/20: Recommended to have the trash picked up along the lakes on a quarterly basis.

f. 3/09/20: Replace the missing amber roadway marker on Seminal Palm Way in front of the lodge