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Meeting Minutes for February 22, 2021

Heritage Palms
Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Heritage Palms Community Development District was held on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 8 a.m. at the Heritage Palms Golf and Country Club at 10420 Washingtonia Palm Way in Room C of the main dining room, Fort Myers, Florida and via web conference.

Present (or by web conference) and constituting a quorum were:
Mike Whitten – Chair
Stan Switzer – Vice Chair
Al O’Brien – Assistant Secretary
Dennis Lubozynski – Assistant Secretary
Bob Breisch – Assistant Secretary

Also attending (or by web conference) were:
Cal Teague – District Manager, Premier District Management (PDM)
Sam Marshall – Engineer
Chris Pepin – Field Manager
Gonzalo Ayers – Lake & Wetland Management
Christopher Dudak – Assistant to the District Manager
Nancy Dudak – PDM
Larry Harvey
Felipe Lemus
Ken Lehman

The following is a summary of the discussion and actions taken at the Heritage Palms Community Development District (CDD) Meeting Board of Supervisors meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and the District Manager called the roll. All Board members were present, except Supervisor O’Brien, who attended via web conference. Also in attendance by web conference were Sam Marshall, Engineer, Chris Pepin, Field Manager, Gonzalo Ayers, Lake & Wetland Management, Christopher Dudak and Nancy Dudak from PDM. Former Board Member Larry Harvey and Felipe Lemus of Passarella also participated by web conference. Due to Covid-19 concerns, the meeting was moved to Room C of the main dining room in the Golf and Country Club, and social distancing as indicated by CDC protocol was followed.

On MOTION by Chair Whitten, seconded by Vice Chair Switzer, with all in favor, the Board approved Supervisor O’Brien to participate by video conference.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

The Board reviewed the Agenda.

On MOTION by Supervisor Lubozynski, seconded by Supervisor Breisch, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved as submitted.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There being none, the next Order of Business followed.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes for January 25, 2021

The Board reviewed the Minutes from the January 25, 2021 meeting.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Switzer, seconded by Supervisor Lubozynski, with all in favor, the Meeting Minutes for January 25, 2021 were approved as submitted.


There being none, the next Order of Business followed.


A. Canals Dredging

The Engineer discussed obtaining bids for the removal of the silt in two canals.  He stated that the field work is complete. After amounts of silt for removal are determined, he said he will get a bid from ETI, who did previous dredging for the District.  His team is processing the data out of the field books so he can create a plan. He said he expects to have the data ready later this week.

There was discussion on what to do with the silt.  The Engineer said he will get two quotes for removal, one for use on site, with the other for offsite disposal. He said that in working with the HOA, the Golf Course will also generate fill material that they would need to export off site.  It was his understanding that they will have a surplus of material. He said he will let the Water Management District know that they are doing some routine maintenance. He said he will walk the site with ETI to get proposals. Supervisor Lubozynski volunteered to join them, if possible.

The Chair was asked for a gutter repair update. The Field Manager stated that the Contractor looked at their survey, and they completed the job. He said it is still holding a little bit of water at the lowest point in the driveway. He said he contacted the contractor to take a look at it. The Engineer commented that the driveway does not have the continuous fall across it.  Chair Whitten observed that there is more water pooling when the sprinklers run and that it should be checked after a watering event. The District Manager referred to the pictures taken by the Chair. The Field Manager will review and work with the Contractor to ensure satisfactory completion.


There being none, the next Order of Business followed.


A. fStop & Florida Wildlife Sharing the Landscape Project

The District Manager referred to the packet that was sent to the Board referring to the fStop photography program and that they approached him to add wildlife cameras to the Preserve areas for their educational programs. If the Board wanted to participate, the Chair would have to sign a waiver giving them access to place their cameras in the Preserves. The Board asked about the benefits of having them there. Nancy Dudak said that the waiver states that there is no liability to the community, and that they can cancel the program for any reason at any time. She said they are an organization of wildlife photographers who partnered with the Florida Wildlife Federation. Vice Chair Switzer is concerned about having people walk through the Preserves. The Board said they could contact the HOA if a resident would like to participate on their property.

On MOTION by supervisor Lubozynski, seconded by Vice Chair Switzer, with all in favor, the Board declined to participate with the fStop & Florida Wildlife Sharing the Landscape Project. They said they are willing to watch a presentation about the program.

B. Passarella GIS Demonstration

Felipe Lemus is with Passarella, an environmental consulting firm, and works with CDDs, special districts and HOAs to help manage their communities using GIS (geographic information systems.) They help communities identify their assets. The Chair commented that they have this information through their contractors. The District Manager stated that the benefit is that all the information is in one place, with each layer being a click away, and that it is easier than using the County site.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Switzer, seconded by Supervisor Breisch, with all in favor, the Board voted not to participate with Passarella to manage their community with GIS at this time.


A. Field Report for February

The Field Manager gave his monthly report. Mr. Ayers, from Lake & Wetland Management, also participated.

  • The lakes are looking good at this time.
  • The shoreline weeds were remaining low, but algae has been increasing throughout the community.
  • Hybrid canna was cut back in January.
  • There was more trash than usual at the Lake 30 shoreline, mostly construction debris. A letter was sent to the construction company.
  • He put in a service call because no air was coming from the L3, 4 & 5 compressors. Additionally, the electrical pedestal also requires a repair.
  • He is re-evaluating the erosion in the area using the map he created. Lake 14 has the worst erosion.
  • Regarding the Golf Course fill, he said that material could possibly be used for lake bank restoration.
  • The Chair stated that what Lake & Wetland Management has been doing has been very effective overall, but near the Lake 8 condos, the bushes still have adult midges in them. When asked if he can treat this area, Mr. Ayers stated that he does not have the license to treat ornamentals.
  • Lake & Wetland reports they did the second midge fly treatment last week and the final treatment will be in March.
  • Mr. Ayers said the fish stocking to reduce larvae should be done because it is more effective and saves money. He answered the Chair’s questions about larvae.
  • Mr. Ayers stated that in the communities where he provides lake maintenance services, those who used to spend a lot of money on chemicals have eliminated that expense using fish to control both midge flies and mosquitos.
  • Vice Chair Switzer asked if Lee County Mosquito Control provide treatment, but the District Manager said they do not treat for midge flies because they do not present a health risk.
  • The Chair had spoken with a competing service about midge flies and was told that tow-behind foggers can be helpful, but that the CDD would not be responsible for that.
  • Mr. Ayers commented that he only treats what is in the water, and not what flies around the community.
  • The Board wants to consider a group approach to mosquitos and midge flies, to include the Master HOA, neighborhood associations and golf course.
  • The Field Manager reported that they found another part of the asphalt micro surfacing where it’s pulling apart, so he asked D&G to repair it.
  • He had all the missing roadway fire hydrant reflectors replaced.
  • He has been noting where sidewalks are uplifted to grind them down.
  • The Chair mentioned that the fountain breaker tripped again. The Field Manager will contact the maintenance company.
  • The Vice Chair asked him about tree roots that penetrate the sidewalk.
  • He said that kids disassembled the chain link fencing at the Ranchette Road outfall structure from the fence posts to go fishing, so he is having it repaired. The Board would like to identify who is destroying property. The Chair commended the Field Manager for monitoring the situation.
  • The stormwater management system is looking good, but he observed encroaching vegetation onto the canals along with some dead debris sitting in the canals. He usually cleans it before the rainy season. The Board agreed to have the Field Manager do the cleanup.

B. Follow-Up Items

i. 10400 Curry Palm Gutter Improvements

This was covered during the Engineer’s report that the project was completed on February 17.

ii. Annual North Berm/Lake 30 Cutting Update

This will be completed February 24th.

iii. Fire Station #7 Fence Repair Update

The Field Manager observed during his inspection that vegetation debris remains on the hog fence. He also noticed new survey stakes along the hog fence with the wording “Silt Fence” on them. This will continue to be monitored by staff.

Supervisor O’Brien left the meeting at this time.


A. Financial Statements for January

The District Manager reviewed the January financials with the Board.

On MOTION by Chair Whitten, seconded by Supervisor Breisch, with all in favor, the Board the January 2021 financials.

B. Updated Supervisor Manuals & Maps

Supervisor manuals and laminated maps were distributed to the Board. Additionally, general guidelines were requested for lifted sidewalks and other maintenance standards established by the Board.


A. HPGCC Water Feature on Lake 25 Discussion

The Board took no action on this item as they are still waiting on a maintenance report.

TWELFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisor Reports, Requests & Comments

  • Supervisor Breisch sent out an email with his last Pond Watch report and asked who should be included for distribution. He said he will send it to the District Manager who will forward to the Board. This is a voluntary participation project and helps to complete reports for the Districts NPDES reporting requirements.
  • The Chair surveyed the Board about moving the meetings back to the Activity Center and maintaining social distancing due to Covid. They will move back unless there are some more reported cases.
  • The Chair also asked if distribution of the Field Manager’s report can be reduced to fewer people. The Board reviewed the list and this suggestion will be shared with the Field Manager.


  • Larry Harvey commented that he enjoyed listening to the meeting. He gave positive feedback about navigating the community’s website and finding access to virtually attend the meeting.


There being no further Order of Business and,

On MOTION by Vice Chair Switzer, seconded by Supervisor Breisch, with all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 10:46 a.m.

Next Meeting: March 22, 2021 at 8 a.m.

Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair